Waymark - ground folding


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Ekkehard Neumann 's work was created as part of the 2013 Waymark Project of the Soest Cultural Parliament.


Wegmarke Bodenfaltung


Waymark - ground folding

Hauptstraße 19

59519 Möhnesee

Telefon: 02924 981391




"... we suspected it, that these things await us here in this place and in this way one day."

My works are influenced, among other things, by the idea that the person who experiences a sculpture in the landscape perceives it as if it had been naturally located in the place where it is for a long time.... .

As if by chance, we first encounter this sculpture at the edge of the path.

As a concrete form, it depicts nothing and imitates nothing, but it shows seams to architectural forms. It is an autonomous object in the landscape.

Thus, in addition to the classical categories of sculptural form, the experience of dimension, surface and space, its integration into the landscape space is of particular importance.

A second and repeated look, a recognition of the multiplicity of sculptural form, an experience in front of and within the sculpture will expand, change, redefine the perception of the near environment and accompany the landscape in its specific character.

The sculpture becomes a place of collection and concentration in the landscape, directions lead to the sculpture, it opens to the landscape, the sculptural form, based on the view of visitors, gives directions, makes suggestions landscape space to perceive differently or anew.

Ekkehard Neumann, Münster

Location: FFH - area Kleiberg, K 32 direction Büecke, 59519 Möhnesee

Further information under: https: //www.wegmarken-am-hellweg.de/

Image rights: Ekkehard Neumann

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