Way marker - perspective


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The work of Kirsten and Peter Kaiser was created as part of the 2013 Waymark Project of the Soest Cultural Parliament.



Way marker - perspective

Hauptstraße 19

59519 Möhnesee

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"The highway sign with its comic treatment marks the place. Above the quote from Frank Stella is a lasered or cut out thought bubble (comic) through which one can look.

It gives the free space to think or (just) to look to the sky or into the landscape space.

The view of the work "Durchblick" is possible from both sides, i.e. 2 signs are interconnected so that a sign sculpture is created.

With our daily automobility, we are conditioned to street signs. We pay attention to them (more or less), they steer and guide us subconsciously.

For the recreation-seeking walker, traveling at no more than 5 km an hour, the sign in the landscape seems questionable and without meaning. It is the same for the cyclist with his average 16 km per hour.

It is a break that is important for the moment of thinking. The quotation to be read on the sign is implanted to then get lost in the thought bubble.

The way for one's own thoughts becomes free."

Kirsten Kaiser from the application Wegmarkenprojekt 2013.

Location: Alter Ruploher Weg, 59494 Soest, near the A44 freeway bridge.

More info at: https: //www.wegmarken-am-hellweg.de/

Image rights: Kirsten & Peter Kaiser

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