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The Wasserschloss Haus Rhade is a privately owned historic estate. An (interior) tour is therefore not possible.
However, the historic premises are currently used as event rooms and partly as guest rooms.

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Wasserschloss House Rhade

Haus Rhade 1

58566 Kierspe

Telefon: 0177/6330440

Fax: 0211/633048




As early as 991, Archbishop Heribert of Cologne, chancellor of Emperor Otto III, acquired the freehold of the noble lord Benno and bequeathed it to the Benedictine Abbey of Deutz as an endowment at its foundation in 1003; the beginning of Haus Rhade.

The Wasserschloss Haus Rhade was thus already in the Middle Ages the center of a manorial estate association, which later had landed property in the parishes of Lüdenscheid, Halver, Herscheid, but especially Kierspe. Over the centuries, Haus Rhade was sold to a number of noble families until it became the property of the Schwietzke family in 1916, who still occupy the castle today.

In terms of mining history, Haus Rhade became known for the archaeological evidence of a close connection between noble houses and iron ore production. It was possible to excavate the remains of a mass furnace near the estate, which was operated from about 1250-1450 and can be regarded as a precursor of the modern blast furnace. The ore open-cast mining area was also located in the immediate vicinity of the site and the ironworks.

Today it is possible to spend the night in the historical walls. Several rooms and vacation apartments are available here. Celebrations are also possible here. All information is available at: https://www.hausrhade.de/

Tip: At a Kierspe listening point, not far from the Wasserschloß Haus Rhade, you can learn exciting information about this historic building via QR code. More information can be found under the entry "Kiersper Lauschpunkte".

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