Those who follow the circular hiking trail B2(https://www.outdooractive.com/de/route/wanderung/sauerland/rundweg-um-berge-b2-/13903497/) walk in the footsteps of the 14th century and are rewarded for their efforts with a magnificent view from the Wallenstein, with a distant view through the Wennetal.





59872 Meschede

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To the west of the Meschede district of Wallen, near Meschede-Berge, is the 469 m high Wallenstein with the last remains of the 14th century castle ruin of the same name. It was once built by the Arnsberg counts for the purpose of defending their possessions and was known as a hideout for the feared robber barons. Due to a feud in 1414 it was destroyed.

Hikers and nostalgic people who like to walk in the footsteps of the past can come across two wall remains of the old castle complex, which reach a height of 1.80 m and a length of 8.50 m. The walls of the castle can be seen from the top. Through these remains, one can guess, on the one hand, a square building directly on the cliff, which was used as a residential tower at that time. There is also a plateau to the east, which can be assumed to be the site of the outer castle.

Due to the abundant vegetation, a trip to the Wallenstein is worthwhile in the winter and spring months. In this period, the shape of the fortress can be best interpreted.


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