Natural monument

The Thingslinde is an old court tree in Kierspe, under which many a trial was held.

Die alte Gerichtslinde in Kierspe

Früher Gerichtsbaum - heute Naturdenkmal




58566 Kierspe



The large lime tree in the north of the town of Kierspe is a reminder of the time of the Femegerichte in the Middle Ages. It is considered a natural monument and is estimated to be about 300 - 400 years old. The term Things reminds in this connection of the Freigrafen at that time.

The location for the lime tree was chosen deliberately at that time, because in the Middle Ages an important (trade) road led exactly here, which connected Amsterdam with Frankfurt. Thus, the tree was visible from afar on this road.

Directly opposite the Thingslinde, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Linde was planted, in honor of the emperor of that time, or the founding of the empire of that time.

Coordinates: 51.08226 N 7.35505 E

Tip: At a Kierspe listening point, not far from the ancient tree, you can learn exciting information about this natural monument via QR code. More information can be found under the entry "Kiersper Lauschpunkte".

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