Teufelsturm Menden - Home of the Westphalian Fastnacht


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The Devil's Tower is one of the former 12 city towers of the city fortifications built from 1344. For a long time it was a dungeon for prisoners under the jurisdiction of the elector.





Teufelsturm Menden - Home of the Westphalian Fastnacht

An der Stadtmauer 49

58706 Menden (Sauerland)

Telefon: 02373-12666




According to tradition, the "Duivels- or Düfelsturm" received its name during the time of witch hunts, when women and men accused of witchcraft were imprisoned in it. As part of the town fortification in the middle of the 14th century, it was built of sandstone and Menden conglomerate.

In 1978, the half-ruined tower caught the eye of the Menden carnival society Kornblumenblau (MKG), which firmly resolved to turn the old walls into a home for the Westphalian carnival.

In more than 10,000 hours of own work and with high financial commitment the members of the MKG renovated this tower between 1978 and 1981 and brought it to new life. For the 25th anniversary, the tower was thoroughly renovated and the exhibition was redesigned with the support of the NRW Foundation, the Sparkasse Menden Foundation and the Westphalian Carnival Association. State-of-the-art media technology and meaningful exhibits have turned the Devil's Tower into an adventure museum.

To the right of the Teufelsturm stands one of the few red, brick-faced half-timbered houses in Menden's old town. This magnificent half-timbered house with St. Andrew's crosses as decorative elements was originally built as a baroque rectory. Later, the only rope factory in Menden was located here. Even today, a precious rococo door leaf adorns the entrance of the house.


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