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St. Elisabeth Chapel is a Catholic church in Borntosten, a district of the town of Marsberg.


St. Elisabeth Church Borntosten

Zum Zollhaus 1

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992-2430

Fax: 02992-5372



Until 1952 the Borntosten believers always had to go to the parish church in Heddinghausen. This was an arduous journey in wind and weather, so the people felt the need to build a place of worship. Against the will of Paderborn, pastor and neighbors, a 22-member chapel building association was founded and the church construction began. The church, it was then agreed, should stand at the beginning of the village. After many difficulties, great personal commitment of the villagers and many donations from residents and supporters from the surrounding area, the church was built from March to November (name day of Elisabeth). Now that the church was standing, the pastor and Paderborn could no longer maintain the defensive posture. But for the upkeep - according to Paderborn - the recalcitrant Borntosteners had to pay themselves. Initially, 5 DM were to be collected from each believer per month, but later they agreed on 5 DM per household per month. Until today this money is still collected to maintain the church.

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