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We are glad to welcome you here. At the moment there are no restrictions for your visit.

We recommend wearing a mask indoors.

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Seeuferstraße 26

58636 Iserlohn

Telefon: 02371-8071712

Fax: 02371-8071799



Solebad: A benefit for body and soul

A visit to our Solebad is simply good for you: at a pleasant water temperature of 32°C, you can relax in the Seilerseebad in genuine healing water made from pure natural brine. Swim in our spacious indoor and outdoor pools, let the warm water surround your body and breathe in the beneficial aerosols. Your respiratory system, joints, in short your whole body will thank you!

Highly concentrated natural brine
The natural brine is stored in the Seilerseebad in a specially prepared tank room. It is added to the treated bath water in such a way that the concentration is 2-3%. In addition to common salt, the saturated natural brine contains other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, bromide and lithium. Bathing in brine water and inhaling the aerosols have health-promoting and disease-relieving effects, including skin diseases, joint problems or respiratory ailments.

Sports pool: For sports and leisure swimmers

Swim sporty lanes, dive up to four meters deep or jump from the 3-meter tower: The sports pool of the Seilerseebad is available to all swimming enthusiasts for a quick workout or a leisurely swim. Thanks to the non-swimmers' area, water playground, diving and water-climbing facility, as well as a nappy-changing room, it is also suitable for an outing with the whole family.

Sauna: Heat is good for you

Warm up your body, clear your airways and strengthen your immune system! A visit to the sauna area of the Seilerseebad is like a small wellness vacation - not only in the cold season!

In addition to the classic Finnish sauna, there is also a soft sauna with a lower temperature as well as a steam bath, which has a particularly beneficial effect on the skin and respiratory tract. The ice fountain and plunge pool provide an interplay of heat and cold, train your blood vessels and prevent colds in the long term. Our rest areas invite you to relax afterwards.

Physio & Massage: Works wonders against tension

Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy: a massage or physiotherapeutic treatment is the "icing on the cake" of your visit to the pool. A professional treatment works wonders against tension and tired bones. Our massage practice is looking forward to your visit!

Please make an appointment:


Ingo Lange
Physiotherapist and Orthopedic Back School Instructor (according to Dr. Brügger)

Seeuferstr. 26
58636 Iserlohn
Im SeilerSeeBad

Phone: 0 23 71 / 8 07 17 15
Fax: 0 23 71 / 8 07 17 99

Aqua Training

is a fitness program specially designed for water. It is suitable for everyone, young and old. The positive buoyancy in the water protects muscles, tendons, joints and the spine. Endurance, strength and flexibility are trained and thus many muscles and the cardiovascular system are strengthened. If you exercise regularly and long enough, you tap into your fat deposits. The training intensity is determined by the speed of movement as well as the number of repetitions. Aqua training involves deliberately working against water resistance. This is done with various exercise equipment such as buoyancy dumbbells, aqua gloves, etc. These tools are used to increase the surface area in the water and thus to challenge the muscles more. The fact is, half an hour of intensive aqua training is as effective as two and a half hours of training on land.


For AQUA-Fitness we put on our buoyancy belts and go into deep water. Due to the water resistance, the intensive whole-body workout is particularly effective, but at the same time as gentle on the joints as possible. With specific exercises we train our cardiovascular system, improve our coordination and build up muscles.


Our AQUA-Gymnastics course offers a particularly gentle workout that focuses on strengthening the spine and back muscles. Due to the water resistance in the shallow water of the non-swimmer area, we train our endurance and thus the cardiovascular system at the same time.


For opening hours, please see the following link:


Eintrittspreise Solebad: Erwachsene, Jugendliche, Kinder **
Familien-Tageskarte – max. 2 Elternteile & Kin: 8,50 €
JuLeiCa / Ehrenamtskarte: 3,80 €
Tageskarte: 4,80 €
2-Stunden-Karte: 3,80 €
Frühschwimmen: 3,20 €
Eintrittspreise Sportbad: Erwachsene
Bademantel-Verleih: 3,50 €
Wellness-Karte II (Sauna, Sole-/Sportbad, Heißluft: 29,00 €
Wellness-Karte I (Sole-/Sportbad, Heißluft Wärmean: 22,50 €
Familien-Tageskarte – max. 2 Elternteile & Kin: 16,00 €
Tageskarte: 9,50 €
4-Stunden-Karte: 8,50 €
3-Stunden-Karte: 8,00 €
2-Stunden-Karte: 7,50 €
Halbjahreskarte***: 117,00 €

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