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In 2001 and 2002, several sculptor symposia were held in Marsberg, where artists created various sculptures from different materials (stone, wood and metal) over the course of a few days. The artists worked in public places and could be observed by visitors as they worked.

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Sculpture walk Marsberg

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2001 Marsberg Stone Sculptors' Symposium

The stone sculptors' symposium from July 15 - 28, 2001 was the second core event of the art and culture year in Marsberg. The sculptures were created within a fortnight on the Sparkasse forecourt, which visitors and locals experienced at first hand. The almost 25 tons of rough stone came from the Anröchte quarry.

2001 Marsberg wood sculpture symposium

The artists for the wood sculpture symposium were found through an invitation to tender issued by the Marsberg Paper Society. Work began in public on September 10, 2002 in the Diemel meadows. On September 20, the art objects were ceremoniously presented to the town and inaugurated under the eyes of many visitors.

2002 Marsberg metal sculpture symposium

The two-week symposium once again attracted many visitors and art enthusiasts to Marsberg. The sculptures were created on the Sparkasse forecourt and in the parking lot in front of the former Kurhaus Karp. The symposium was opened on September 10 with a vernissage in the Sparkasse and was accompanied by an exhibition in the Sparkasse.

On this walk along the works of art created, you will pass two other sculptures that are significant for Marsberg.

A) "An den Bleichen" station - works of art: 1, 2, 3 and 4
An den Bleichen 3

1:Graceful female figures by Bruno Cappeletti, Trento

Oak trunks in flowing expression, dynamic and expressive. Individual figures in a circular group that thrives on light and shadow. For the viewer, full and empty spaces are created at the same time and the sculptures create a counter-pool to the trees and mountains around them.

Marsberg Wood Sculpture Symposium 2001

2: Female nude by Thilo Krause, Halle an der Saale

Squared timbers from demolished houses from the surroundings of Marsberg in different lengths. Elementary and abstract. Oak, spruce and pine timbers, some over 100 years old. Piled at an angle, they form the figure of a female nude. Time and natural weathering are intended to change the work.

Marsberg Wood Sculpture Symposium 2001

3: Raumklangkörper by Thomas G. Rath, Trier

Abstract oak trunk, in cubist gradations in a lively natural structure. The sculpture rests parallel to the river bed on two stainless steel tubes, which contrast with the heaviness of the oak. Translated into music, this spatial sound body is intended to resonate in a minor key.

Marsberg Wood Sculpture Symposium 2001

4: Washerwoman at the Bleichen by Theo Sprenger, Madfeld

Bronze figure, washerwoman and child. The figure is reminiscent of washing clothes here on the banks of the Diemel in the old days and is the explanation for the street name "An den Bleichen".

Marsberg Heimatbund 2003

B) "Diemelwiesen" station - works of art: 5, 6 and 7
Diemelbrücke Hauptstraße/Lillers-Straße

5: "Spiral of Life" by Bernhard Bunk, Sandhatten

The poetic sculpture shows the natural course of the Diemel and refers to the natural flow of creation.

Marsberg Metal Sculptors' Symposium 2002

6: Naval monument (origin: Hanseatic City of Bremen)

Standard anchor of the German Navy on a quarry stone, which is also used on ships. Intended to commemorate Marsberg marines on the world's oceans.

Naval comradeship e.V. 2005

7: Growing wood by Ulrike Gölner, Bremen

Abstraction on the theme of wood, here oak. Pointedly growing towards the sky, harmoniously glazed in red.

Marsberg wood sculpture symposium 2001

C) "Library" station - artwork 8
Bahnhofstraße 11

8: Sound column by Siegfried Appelt, Wittenberg

4.50 m high stainless steel tube. If you stick your head into the cavity and tap lightly on the material with your fists, you create incredible sound variations.

Marsberg Metal Sculptors' Symposium 2002

D) "Magnuscafé" station - artwork: 9
Hauptstraße 26

9: "Earth connection and future" by Michael Scholl, Limberg

Figurative design of the mining theme. Shows dynamism and connection to the earth through the large

stone growing powerfully directly out of the ground. The left arm bears the hand of a miner and stands for Marsberg's mining history.

Marsberg Stone Sculpture Symposium 2001

E) "Kirchplatz" station - works of art: 10 and 11
Casparistraße, Kirchplatz

10: Geschichtsbrunnen by Bonifatius Stirnberg, Aachen

Depicts significant events in Marsberg's history in skillfully crafted bronze casts. In addition to the Irminsul, you can also recognize Charlemagne on his horse, or the relief of glassblowers and miners, as well as the sculptor's workshop Papen.

City of Marsberg 1993

11: "Encounters"

by Frank Steinhauer, Hüffelsheim and Jörg S. Jauß, Schliengen

Two-part raw block, the parts of which were processed by the artists in mirror image. The contours open up and converge again at head height. This sculpture symbolizes

symbolizes the community of Marsberg.

Marsberg Stone Sculpture Symposium 2001

F) "Police" station - works of art: 12 and 13
Mühlenstraße, Marktplatz

12: "Big Rain" by Theodor Neuhofer, Schallstadt

Like wind-whipped rain. The artist plays with the heaviness of the material and the transparency and lightness of the element of water. The theme of "rain" stands for the humid and fertile

and fertile region that surrounds us.

Marsberg Metal Sculptors' Symposium 2002

13: "Fertile Earth" by Bernhard Mathäss, Neustadt

Torso made of stone. Pregnancy is depicted here as a symbol of Marsberg's connection to the earth and

fertility of the region in agriculture and forestry, natural stone extraction and mining.

Marsberg Stone Sculpture Symposium 2001

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