Schellenstein in a fairy tale


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Not just one, but five castles are located in the town of Olsberg. However, the contemporary witnesses of the most diverse epochs can only be visited from the outside.

Schloss Schellenstein


Schellenstein in a fairy tale

Ruhrstr. 32

59939 Olsberg

Telefon: 02962-97370

Fax: 02962-973737



The castles are located in the following districts:

Antfeld (Latitude: 51.3751531/ Longitude: 8.4642155) (can also be seen on the map)
Bigge (Latitude: 51.1411872/ Longitude: 7.9259882)
Bruchhausen (Latitude: 50.6011233/ Longitude: 7.2535683)
Brunskappel (Latitude: 51.2780715/ Longitude: 8.4765083)
Gevelinghausen (Latitude: 50.2009015/ Longitude: 9.192342)

(Texts: Tourism Brilon Olsberg)

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