Sassendorf salt traces


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A local tour through Bad Sassendorf Starting point: Hof Haulle at the Westfalen Salt Worlds.

Sassendorfer Salzspuren (Rundgang)


Sassendorf salt traces

An der Rosenau 2

59505 Bad Sassendorf

Telefon: 02921/9433435



Starting from the offers at Hof Haulle (inside and outside), the Local Salt Route is a continuation of the exhibition and opens up the thematically relevant points of interest (POIs) in the spa as a local tour.

The Local Salt Route guides the visitors of the Salt World Center on their way through the town back to the Hof Haulle. The route leads to buildings, places and works of art that document the local salt history and/or stand for the use of brine for healing purposes. On site, the different topics from the exhibition at Hof Haulle are taken up and deepened and illustrated at the respective stations.

The Local Salt Route also leads through the most attractive tourist areas of Bad Sassendorf, in particular through the spa gardens and the pedestrian zone, and includes a large number of restaurants and retail outlets.

By means of the route running through the town, visitors whose destination (until then) is not the Salzwelten center are also made aware of the salt/brine-related sights, thus sensitizing them to the topic and pointing them to the Salzwelten center or leading them to Hof Haulle.

Public guided salt trail tour
Date: Saturdays, 11.00 a.m.
Cost: 5.00 euros, with guest spa card: free, with resident spa card: 3.00 euros
Duration: approx. 90 minutes


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