Ruhrmann pond


Ruhrmann's pond - recreation and refreshment

Ruhrmanns Teich in Fretter

Ruhrmanns Teich in Fretter

Ruhrmanns Teich in Fretter


Ruhrmann pond

Schöndelter Straße

57413 Finnentrop

On the outskirts of Finnentrop-Fretter, a small recreation area has been created around the historic bone mill and the associated pond - a place that invites you to linger, play, relax and experience nature.

In the direct vicinity of the walking and cycling path (SauerlandRadring and Ruhr-Sieg-Radweg) and hiking trail running along Schöndelter Straße, this recreational facility was created as part of a LEADER grant between 2018-2020.

In order to create a place with a high quality of stay for the village population, cyclists and hikers, the area at the historic bone mill and the associated pond was designed in an appealing and natural way. The members of the Fretter local history society were actively involved in the initial discussions and planning for the redesign of the area.

Elements of the area include seating made of natural materials, a small footbridge over the pond, a barrier-free circular path and a near-natural design of the pond bank. In addition, a natural treading pool has been created and a new inlet from the pond down to the bone mill has been laid. This has been designed as a natural water playground with stepping stones and low water depth. The SauerlandRadring and Ruhr-Sieg-Radweg cycle paths, which run in the immediate vicinity, now lead directly across the property along the pond.

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