Rubbing pile Who looks into the distance


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Scouring pile (sculpture) - Who looks into the distance

Scheuerpfahl Der in die Ferne schaut

Scheuerpfahl Der in die Ferne schaut


Rubbing pile Who looks into the distance

Frankfurter Straße 41

58553 Halver

Telefon: 02353/4829



Artist: Manfred Fürth (Kürten) - sculptor and painter (soapstone, sandstone, oil paints, pencil), self-taught.

His motto: I want to grow like a tree, but not like in the garden, but like a tree in the forest. Manfred Fürth wants to represent the moods of people.

Object: The one who looks into the distance

His thoughts of vastness, freedom, curiosity, longing and fulfillment.
For his sculptures Manfred Fürth uses soapstone and sandstone. Particularly impressive here is that Manfred Fürth works without templates, i.e. when he starts with a new stone he himself does not yet know what will show up in the end, what kind of sculpture will have been created. With his attentive sensitive way he has access to his intuition, i.e. he lets himself or his hand be guided by his intuition, he senses, so to speak, what wants to manifest itself out of, through and in the stone. In the process, magical intertwined profound beings are created. This is also the case with the latest action, project Scheuerpfahl - Sculptures. An art project for the cultural region Oben an der Volme.

Location: Halver-Schwenke sports field (coordinates: 51.194363 / 7.441666).

In the course of the project Scheuerpfähle fürs Volmetal (Scouring Poles for the Volme Valley ), 20 artistically designed scouring poles will be installed in the four municipalities that have joined together to form the region Oben an der Volme. They are to point out special features in the Volme Valley, serve as landmarks or invite reflection. The X 20 hiking trail, which connects Schalksmühle, Halver, Kierspe and Meinerzhagen over a distance of 20 kilometers, is the bracket for the project.

The initiator and sponsor of the project is the VAKT art association from Halver. The NRW Ministry for Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Equality has sponsored the project. The Minister Ina Scharrenbach personally brought the funding notice to Halver on the Saturday before Christmas 2019.

Rubbing stakes have their origin in agriculture. Farmers put them on the Weide so that cattle could rub against them. In the Volmetal Valley, the stakes are also meant to figuratively indicate points of friction. They should draw attention to special places, stimulate discussion or help to rediscover home.

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