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Rubbing pile (sculpture) - the fast way


Rubbing pile The fast way


58540 Meinerzhagen

Telefon: 02353/4829



Artist from Brieselang near Berlin (painting and graphic)

Object: the fast way

The idea for the sculpture arose when I was concerned with the Volmequelle and its path through the landscape. The figure should be light, airy, almost like a ghost flitting through the tree trunk to bring the hiker a cool drop from the source. To do this, it takes the fastest and shortest path.

The choice fell on acrylic glass, which is smooth and transparent in high contrast to the earthy, textured tree trunk. For me it was important that the viewer can always discover something new. In bright sunlight, the figure combines so strongly with the background that it is barely visible. In rain, ice, snow, frost, it becomes visible again. Through weathering, the figure will also age and appear more and more to the viewer, it grows, so to speak, with the person.

Location: Meinerzhagen Fritz-Paulmann-Weg / Volmequelle (Coordinates: 51.099818, 7.663941)

Further: The Volmequelle with a small resting place is not far from the sculpture. A few hundred meters from here, the Sauerland Höhenflug long-distance hiking trail starts at the Schallershaus hiking parking lot.

In the course of the project Scouring Poles for the Volmetal Valley project, 20 artistically designed barn poles are being erected in the four communities that have joined together to form the region of Oben an der Volme. They are to point out special features in the Volme Valley, serve as landmarks or invite reflection. The X 20 hiking trail, which connects Schalksmühle, Halver, Kierspe and Meinerzhagen over a distance of 20 kilometers, serves as a bracket.

The initiator and sponsor of the project is the VAKT art association from Halver. The NRW Ministry for Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Equality has sponsored the project. The Minister Ina Scharrenbach personally brought the funding notice to Halver on the Saturday before Christmas 2019.

Rubbing stakes have their origin in agriculture. Farmers put them on the Weide so that cattle could rub against them. In the Volmetal Valley, the stakes are also meant to figuratively indicate points of friction. They should draw attention to special places, stimulate discussion or help to rediscover home.

Text source: Vakt e.V.

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