Rose rosary at the sexton land


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59 beads and a cross.

We invite you to experience the walk-in rose rosary. This was created in spring 2018 in Olsberg Assinghausen.

Rosenkranz Assinghausen


Küsterland Assinghausen



Rose rosary at the sexton land


59939 Olsberg

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Located in the Küsterland ( in the rose village Assinghausen) you can find a special place.

The Rose Rosary consists of:

- Five large beads, represented by the Küsterlandkapelle, the chapel of the blood-sweating Savior, the Grotto of the Mother of God, the old oak tree the river course of the umbrella corner.

- In between each ten small beads, represented by roses along the way.

- Three other small beads of roses and a large bead in the form of a rose bush as a link to the cross 4.5 meters high.

One starts at the cross and prays all the sentences oneland of the flow path of the connected chain. The sections consisting of one large bead and ten small beads are called a set.

The rosary of roses can be prayed in a classical way.

The prayer of the beads gives strength for everyday life, comfort in illness, grief and sorrow.

Ober simply enjoy this beautiful spot: sniff and explore the roses.

Let the power and tranquility of the old oak have an effect on you, refresh yourself at the stream and explore the spiritual places around the park.

(Texts: Tourism Brilon Olsberg)

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