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Classic Kneipp facilities meet lively water features - the historic park invites you to relax and linger.

The resting place "Kneipp Park Dr. Grüne" invites you to experience the Kneipp elements of water, movement and inner balance.

In the historic park you will find an old tree population, a small barefoot path, water treading facilities with arm pools and a lively water feature.

Many relaxation islands with inviting benches invite you to linger and relax.

RastOrt Kneipp-Park Dr. Grüne

Kneipp-Park Dr. Grüne

Kneipp-Park Dr. Grüne

Kneipp-Park Dr. Grüne

Kneipp-Park Dr. Grüne


RestPlace Kneipp Park Dr. Grüne


59939 Olsberg

Telefon: 02962-97370

Fax: 02962-973737



Feel the five elements with all your senses at the Kneipp RastOrste of the Kneipp ErlebnisPark Olsberg.

Enjoy the park the Kneipp way.

Always along the Kneipp AktivWeges and the rivers Ruhr and Gierskopp the well-being route leads you to the Kneipp Park Dr. Grüne.

Enjoy the movement, the water treatments and find peace and perhaps inner balance.

The Kneipp Park Dr Grüne also offers nature lovers ideal starting points for hikes, such as the Kneipp WanderWeg Olsberg and the Gewerkenweg.

Main opening times:

Sunday opened
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Saturday opened


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