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A true gem of a cultural monument is the historic sawmill in Remblinghausen. What is beautiful to look at here still functions to a large extent: The technology and equipment from the time between 1880 and 1936 is started up during the tour. The sawmill was built in 1809, but the first documented mention of a mill in Remblinghausen dates back to 1671.

Sägemühle Remblinghausen


Remblinghausen sawmill

Sägemühle 17

59872 Meschede

Telefon: 0172-5363677



Cultural Monument Historic Sawmill with Nothelfer Chapel
But its early past lies in the dark. It is well known that the sawmill was technically extended and expanded step by step in the 19th century. In 1896 a wheelwright's workshop was built, and in 1926 the turbine house with a clover and grist mill was constructed. From 1911 and 1917 the daily work was facilitated by a single-cylinder engine and a slip-ring motor.

The mill ran as a general enterprise until 1983. Today, in addition to the above-mentioned technology, the horizontal creel, the turbine and the threshing machine can be admired, as well as the unique rake-spinning mill and the "generator" from about 1901, one of the oldest electricity generators in the Sauerland.

Guided tours take place every Wednesday between 14:00-17:30 without appointment. Otherwise, the sawmill in Remblinghausen is open by appointment only.

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Wednesday 14:00 17:30


Führung und Vorführung alte Sägemühle: 4,50 €

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