Quitmannsturm on the Kohlberg (514 m)

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Beautiful views of the Sauerland are offered to the viewer from the Quitmannsturm.


Quitmannsturm on the Kohlberg (514 m)


58809 Neuenrade

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On the Kohlberg, with 514 m the highest elevation in Neuenrade, is the 14 m high Quitmannsturm with good viewing opportunities.

The word Quitmannsturm already contains the word "storm" and the history of the well-known lookout tower on the Kohlberg is also stormy. More than 100 years ago, in 1892, the tower, which was donated by the sons of the Neuenrade teacher Carl Friedrich Quitmann, was erected. But even before the planned inauguration, a hurricane-like storm in the winter of 1893 destroyed the tower, so that it had to be rebuilt.

In 1986 the town of Neuenrade renewed the 14 m high tower on the highest elevation in Neuenrade at 514 m above sea level. A wonderful view is worth the climb: from the Lenne valley to Wildewiese and more, stop a view of the "land of a thousand mountains".

The Quitmannsturm can be reached in a few steps from the Kohlberg hiking parking lot and is located directly on the "Sauerland-Höhenflug"(www.sauerland-hoehenflug.de), which leads from Altena (northern variant) to Korbach. The "Sauerland-Höhenflug" is a long-distance hiking trail that is certified as a "Wanderbares Deutschland" quality trail. The short section of the trail from the parking lot is quite steep, so the SGV Neuenrade had a handrail installed here at the end of 2019. Otherwise, the hiking parking lot is ideal for short walks on fairly level terrain and challenging longer hikes. The Neuenrade circular hiking trail N2, the X1 and the X17 also pass by here.

If you follow the main hiking trail X1, you will come along the avenue of trees. In 2009 the Neuenrade citizen Siegfried Dickel had the idea to create an avenue of trees of the year along the main hiking trail on the Kohlberg. The foundation "Menschen für Bäume" and the association "Baum des Jahres e.V." have been publishing the respective "Tree of the Year" every year since 1989. In 2000, the Tree of the Millennium was also chosen. The Committee for Environmental Protection and Forestry of the town of Neuenrade welcomed the request on 09.12.2009 and spontaneously decided to donate the costs for the first tree (1989). Due to the subsequent media coverage, it was possible to find sponsors for all trees of the year, including the tree of the millennium. In April 2010, the trees were planted along the main hiking trail on the Kohlberg, starting at the parking lot below the Quitmann Tower, and provided with a small sign. Sponsors have already signed up on a waiting list for the respective trees of the year in the coming years. Interested hikers and walkers can now visit all the trees of the year on the Kohlberg in Neuenrade.

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