Piles, ramparts, deserts - 9. deserted Hilbringh.

Natural monument

#deinsauerland / Outdooractive POIs / Piles, ramparts, deserts - 9. deserted Hilbringh.

Wüstung Hilbringhusen
Time and again, bad harvests, epidemics, famines and raids plagued the people in the Brilon area. Many people were forced to leave their farms and settlements and move to Brilon.

Wüstung Hilbringhusen



Behind the city walls they sought protection and economic security. The abandoned settlements have left their traces in the landscape in the form of terraced fields, overgrown debris cones and wall remains.

Abandoned settlements in the forest
In the meadow opposite the parking lot, small depressions and elevations can be found, probably traces of the Hilbringhusen settlement, which was abandoned by its inhabitants during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648).

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