Photo route Oberkirchen (Station 2): Flowers & Co.

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You are welcome to enter the private park of the nursery Blumen Wenning. Here you will find plenty of photo motifs. The garden path leads you through the small park and meets the photo route again in front of the house. Please stay on the path when taking photos and be careful not to trample any plants.Flowers or insects on flowers are among the most popular photo motifs in nature. They look particularly appealing when the main subject stands out clearly from the background. A photo taken from an angle on top of a blossom usually does not achieve this effect, because the background and the subject are then so similar that the overall image looks very unsettled (Fig. 1).Choose your perspective so that there is as much distance as possible between your subject and everything in the background. This will make the background less sharp and therefore calmer (image 2). Try photographing a flower from below or from the side. The greater the distance between the subject and the background, the better the subject will stand out against an out-of-focus background.

Pro Tip:

Pay attention to your aperture setting at the same time. With the aperture you control the so-called "depth of field". With a large f-number (e.g. 16 or 22) you achieve a high depth of field, i.e. not only your subject is in focus, but also the background appears as sharp as possible (Fig. 3). With a small f-number (e.g. 2.8 or 4) you achieve a shallow depth of field, i.e. only your main subject is really sharp. The background will be as blurred as possible (image 4). But this only works if at the same time the distance between subject and background is as large as possible. And, of course, with a low f-number, you have to focus very carefully.


Find a plant detail that matches the season and stands out from the background in terms of color. Photograph it with as calm a background as possible.

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