Philippstollen near Olsberg (place of souls)


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On the southern slope of the "Briloner Eisenberg" near Olsberg, a total of 4 tunnels were driven in the course of the 18th century in order to access the powerful iron ore deposits inside the mountain. One of these tunnels, the Philippstollen, is accessible to visitors today.

Philippstollen Olsberg

Philippstollen Olsberg

Philippstollen Olsberg

Philippstollen Olsberg


Philippstollen near Olsberg (place of souls)

Am Eisenberg

59939 Olsberg

Telefon: 02962 97370

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Eisenberg is one of the 43 Sauerland-Seelenorte in the Sauerland-Wanderdorf, The history of the Eisenberg village of souls by Michael Gleich and other useful information can be found at

The mine "Briloner Eisenberg", located on the northwest wing of the "Ostsauerländer Hauptsattel", belongs to the "Sauerland iron ore district", which includes the area between Olsberg, Marsberg and Adorf. It is located in the immediate vicinity of a major fault line, the "Altenbüren fault" and is the westernmost of a large number of pits whose rocks are bound to the main greenstone train volcanism of the upper Middle Devonian, about 380 million years ago. The thickness of the ferruginous rocks varies from 1 to 20 m (5-6 m on average), and the west-east extension is up to 800 m. The rock contains up to 35 % iron (Fe).

The exploitability of the ores increases from west to east, as siliceous iron ores predominate in the western part and calcareous iron ores in the eastern part. The longest gallery that is still accessible to visitors is the Philippstollen with a total length of about 1000 meters. It first passes through a thick series of diabases and tuffs of the "main greenstone volcanism" to then enter the red iron ore proper.

Age of rocks: Diabase: Upper Givetian main greenstone range; Givetian stage, Middle to Upper Devonian transition (about 380 million years before present).

Visits and guided tours take place from May to October by appointment.

Contact for registrations and information: Olsberg Tourism (Tel.: 02962 97370)

(Texts: Tourism Brilon Olsberg)

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Friday 16:00 18:00


Ticketart: Preis
Erwachsene: 4,00 €
Kinder (3-14 Jahre): 2,00 €
Schulklassen/Gruppen (min. 6 Pers. oder 24,00 € pr: 1,50 € pro Person

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