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It's like diving into another world: The brook murmurs to itself, the birds chirp merrily, the sounds from the nearby city fade into the background. Scientists are currently researching how nature contributes to stress reduction. In the park of the LWL Clinic in Warstein, anyone can try out for themselves whether this is true. Suitable for people with walking disabilities!



Im Park




Weg im Park


Kirche auf dem Gelände

Im Park


Park of the LWL Clinics

Franz-Hegemann-Straße 23

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 2902 82-0



In over 100 years, an oasis of peace has been created on the clinic grounds between the Art Nouveau buildings: More than 100 extraordinary tree and shrub species have been gathered here from all over the world. Be it the tulip magnolia, the primeval sequoia, long thought to be extinct, then rediscovered in China and finally replanted in 50 countries, or the weeping beech, which has lived in the park since 1907. An educational tree trail leads to 25 particularly interesting tree species, and also past the Elizabeth Church in the neo-Romantic style with neighboring game park. After the walk, the café with outdoor catering invites you to take a rest.

The Psychiatry Museum preserves evidence of the hospital's past, organizes and processes it. Because only those who know the past can constructively shape the future. In the Treisekapelle, for example, there is an unusual memorial to euthanasia victims: the names of those affected are written on a plaque - twice. Removable plaques are distributed to citizens who symbolically sponsor a deported patient and keep the memory alive. In 2015, the clinic grounds were the filming location for the historical movie "Fog in August" based on the novel by Robert Domes.


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