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The Padberg Synagogue is the oldest surviving half-timbered synagogue in Westfalen.

Jüdische Synagoge Padberg


Padberg Synagogue

Oberhof 1

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02991-408



The Padberg Synagogue

The Padberg synagogue was first mentioned on February 9, 1751. The synagogue was built in the half-timbered style that was common at that time, with a simple square floor plan and a gallery for the women inside.

Since the Jews were under the special protection of the Lords of Padberg and could engage in unrestricted trade within the lordship of Padberg, there were 95 Jewish fellow citizens in 1831.

In 1847 the districts were reorganized and the synagogue district of Padberg was formed, which also included the Jews from Beringhausen, Bontkirchen, Helminghausen, Messinghausen, Rösenbeck, Madfeld and Giershagen.

In the following time the number of Jews in Padberg decreased more and more, so that at the end of the First World War an independent community of Padberg could no longer be maintained and the last Padberg Jews were assigned to the synagogue district of Marsberg. Here ends the history of the Padberg synagogue of Padberg, later it is still used as a warehouse.

Due to an extensive renovation in the 90s of the 20th century the synagogue remains as a historical monument and can be visited today on request.

Guided tours by arrangement

Local historian Norbert Becker
Korbacher Straße 2

34431 Marsberg Padberg
Phone: (0 29 91) 40 8


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