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Learn about Neuenrade's town, industrial and transportation history.

Stadtmuseum Neuenrade

Stadtmuseum Neuenrade - Graf Engelbert III

Stadtmuseum Neuenrade - Zehntkarte von 1772

Stadtmuseum Neuenrade - Abt. Verkehrsgeschichte

Stadtmuseum Neuenrade - Abt. Industriegeschichte


Neuenrade town museum

Am Glocken 3 a

58809 Neuenrade

Telefon: +49 2392 649265, +49 170 451790



The Stadtmuseum (Erste Straße 19 in Neuenrade) is open every 3rd Sunday of the month from 15:00 to 17:00. For special tours please contact: Dr. Rolf Dieter Kohl (Tel. 02392 61991), Heinz-Werner Turk (Tel. 02392 64464) or Klaus Peter Sasse (02392 649265 and 0170 4517902).

A presentation of the essential documents from the time of the town's foundation from 1355 onwards and important documents that were of decisive importance for the development of the town shows the historical Neuenrade town history.

The industrial history of Neuenrade surprises with filigree worked musical instruments, fatherland bicycles and representations from Neuenrade productions.

Exhibits ranging from the history of the postal service to the construction and development of the Hönnetalbahn and the Kraftverkehr Mark-Sauerland, which was founded in Neuenrade in 1925, bring you closer to Neuenrade's transportation history.


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