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Under the motto "Discover and experience diversity", the NaturRanger e.V. - NaRa for short - would like to support and bring together people who volunteer for the environment. Common nature experiences are in the foreground. Personal experiences of nature form the basis for a conscious understanding of interrelationships and respectful cooperation.

The NaturRangers want to be a reliable network and a sustainable partner for our environment and the simple voluntary nature conservation work. That is why it is important to them to bundle the knowledge of their members and groups, to promote innovative projects and small-scale projects and to invite the public to imitate them.

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The NaturRanger e.V. has three skin projects:

With bats on you and you

The project 'Mit Fledermäusen auf Du und Du' has set itself the goal of bringing these rare animals and people closer together again. On bat safaris, during overnight stays in the bat hotel or in group work, children and adults get to know and appreciate the hunter of the night from a completely different side. A project completely according to the motto only what you know, you can love, you can protect. Since 2014, the project has been an award-winning project of the UN Decade of Biological Diversity.

Global diversity - sustainable discovery

Looking beyond the borders of our country is necessary to be able to act globally and sustainably. We want to give our members this insight and thus promote respect, understanding and knowledge. A first cooperation exists with Norway. The vast natural landscape of Scandinavia impresses and whoever walks through it feels the enormous power of nature. The rangers will find a warm temporary home at the Magalaupe campsite at the foot of the Dovrefjell-Sundalsfjella National Park, near the small town of Oppdal.( An ideal starting point to get to know and love the country and its people.


Joint hikes with great nature experiences, are fun, inexpensive, promote the community and bring us a little closer to our homeland ... because even in Germany there are many beautiful corners with a touch of "wilderness". For the groups it is a possibility to explore their homeland and to present it to other nature lovers. For the association, this can develop into a diverse Germany-wide nature experience offer for NaRas of NaRas.

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