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South of Winterberg lies the nature reserve "Schluchtwald Angstbecke und Günninghauser Mark".



Nature Reserve Gorge Forest Angstbecke and Günninghauser Mark

59955 Winterberg

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In the slope area of the deeply incised notch valley of the Angstbecke brook, a structurally rich ravine forest has developed. In the northern part of the nature reserve, extensive to unused wet grassland areas extend along the Sonnenborn stream valley. On the slopes and hilltops, mainly beech and occasionally spruce forests grow. The structurally rich Buchenwalds and ravine forests as well as grassland areas are characteristic for the Rothaargebirge nature area in terms of their form and species diversity. In order to preserve this valuable habitat, the gorge forests should be left to develop as undisturbed as possible.



places, open rock areas occur in the nature reserve. The rocks are the dark gray "Fredeburger Schiefer" of the Asten strata and the dark gray clay and silt schists of the "Langewiese strata". Often the silt content is elevated, giving the shales a banded appearance.

Age of the rocks : Asten- layers: Eifel Stage, Middle Devonian (about 390 million years before today)



Eifel Stage, Middle Devonian (about 391 million years before today).

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