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Halver Hülloch Cave Nature Reserve - The area around the Hülloch Cave is a 6.6 ha nature reserve in the northern part of Halver, located on the Löhbach River.

Buchenwald im Naturschutzgebiet

Natur pur im Naturschutzgebiet


Nature reserve cave Halver Hülloch


58553 Halver

The nature reserve (NSG) Halver Hülloch Cave covers an area of 6.6 hectares east of the hamlet of Löhbach in the municipal area of Halver. The area was designated as an NSG by the Arnsberg district government in 2004 and is also subject to the FFH Directive (Flora, Fauna, Habitat) in parts. The area is the Hülloch cave, which is not open to tourists, and the surrounding forest area. The cave, located in a calcareous lens of the Lower Middle Devonian, is branched into several passages, the length of which adds up to 655 m in total.

In the cave there are stalactite ornaments, cave waters, clear traces of iron ore mining and mined or enlarged cavities with numerous drilled pipes. In the upper main passages there is intermittent dripping water, and in the lowest cave floor there are groundwater channels. The obstructed cave entrance is located in a former quarry as part of a large mining ping field surrounded by a limestone Buchenwald. The cave serves as winter quarters for bats (greater mouse-eared bat), amphibians and insects.

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