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Mighty rocks in a gently rolling landscape, a near-natural stream, hiking trails and paths under ancient trees and a forest playground that promises adventure - the Bilsteintal is rightly a popular recreational destination. The Bilsteintal is an information center of the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park.

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Nature experience - Bilsteintal with Bilstein cave and

Im Bodmen 54

59581 Warstein

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It is not only nature that is interesting in the Bilsteintal: For many centuries, the "original Sauerlanders" mined and smelted iron ore here. If you look closely, you can see colorful slag in the Bilsteinbach stream and deep collapses in the forested slopes of the Bilsteintal - witnesses to old mining sites. The caves at the Bilstein rock were already inhabited in the Middle Stone Age, the oldest metal object of the eastern Sauerland was excavated in the Bilstein cave.

The Bilstein Cave juts deep into the mountain and takes visitors into another world with its fairy-tale stalactite formations and the constant change of narrow crevices and wide spaces. 400 meters of the cave can be comfortably walked during tours, while the other 1,450 meters of the cave system are reserved for well-equipped spelunkers - the deeper cave areas are under water for months at a time.

Bilstein Cave is open daily (the only exception is December 25).

In summer (April to October): from 9.00 to 17.00 (last guided tour at 16.30).

In winter (November to March): from 10.00 to 16.00 (last guided tour at 15.30)

The Bilsteintal Game Park is home to typical forest animals: red and sika deer, raccoons, foxes, wild boars and lynxes. The enclosures are large, so that the animals have retreats, but are happy to be lured to the fence by visitors with food. Very popular are the raccoons, which originally come from North America and have been found in our forests and cities for almost 100 years. A special vantage point on the red deer enclosure is the covered "deer bridge" completed in 2015. From there, you have a view of the entire enclosure, plus a view of the forest landscape of the Bilsteintal valley. Unbeaten stars of the game park are the lynxes: a path leads around the entire enclosure, so that the animals can be observed in peace. During the spectacular lynx feeding, the wild cats are encouraged to make high jumps. And there is always something going on in the wild boar enclosure - the old ones wallow in the mud, the freshlings have squealing fun with scuffles.

The Bilsteintal Game Park is open daily around the clock with free admission! Dogs are allowed on a leash.

The lookout point on the Bilstein rock, which can be "climbed" with just a few steps, is not only inspiring for children.

A visit to the Warsteiner Waldwirtschaft is also a must: coffee and cake, hearty meals and cold drinks tempt you at fair prices.

Open Wednesday - Saturday from 12:00, Sunday from 11:00.

Monday and Tuesday closed.

Due to weather conditions or events/societies the opening hours may vary!

Forest playground - At the forest playground there is plenty of playground equipment to romp or even a stream to mud. Benches and tables are available for a picnic.

Actions - Please also note the numerous actions in the Bilsteintal: The Adventure Day on the last Sunday of the summer vacations, the Shining Bilsteintal usually in October and the Winter Magic with mulled wine and lantern hike (November to February), the barbecue on May 1. Please check the Bilsteintal website for current events.

How to get there - The Bilsteintal can be reached by public transport, bus line R76. Car parking spaces as well as coach parking spaces are available.


Angebot: Erwachsene
Entdeckertour im Bilsteintal: Intensive Begegnung: 8,50 €
Luchsfütterung, Preise ab 10 Personen, pro Person: 2,- €
Führung durch die Bilsteinhöhle: 5,- €
Führung durch die Bilsteinhöhle, Gruppe ab 15 Pers: 4,50 €
Führung Höhle Plus: 8 ,- €
Führung Höhle und Luchsfütterung: 6,50 €
Entdeckertour und Luchsfütterung: 10,- €
Gruppe Höhlenführung und Luchsfütterung: 6,- €
Führung Höhle Plus durch die Bilsteinhöhle: 9,50 €
Spezialangebot für Gruppen: Erwachsene
Freier Eintritt: 0 €

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