Municipal. Museum Medebach with model railway layout


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Museum of local history with model railway Steinhelle - Medebach

The museum shows the development from a farming town to the vacation resort Medebach. In the adjoining Hansa hall there is a model railroad layout of the Steinhelle - Medebach small railroad.

Kleinbahn Modell Medebach-Steinhelle

Städtisches Museum Medebach


Municipal. Museum Medebach with model railway layout

Oberstraße 26

59964 Medebach



From a farming town to a modern vacation resort

The municipal museum shows an exhibition about the history of Medebach and its districts, which illustrates the not always easy life in an agrarian town of the Hochsauerland up to the modern tourist town. The necessity and the ability of the citizens to find and realize new ways of living and surviving under changing political and economic conditions is clearly demonstrated.

Furthermore, the museum is also dedicated to trade and commerce. Medebach, as an old Hanseatic town, was the starting point of various traders and craftsmen in the Middle Ages. Especially the shoemaking craft was widespread in Medebach and Medebach shoemakers went far away with their home-made goods and traded.

Furthermore, a collection of archaeological exhibits has been gathered, as well as domestic utensils from everyday life and handicrafts.

Model railroad layout of the Steinhelle - Medebach narrow-gauge railroad

In the adjacent Hansa hall of the former town hall is the model railroad layout of the small railroad Steinhelle - Medebach. In August 2011, the small railway team of the HGV began with the construction of a model of the small railroad Steinhelle - Medebach. The scale chosen was 1 : 45, Oe gauge. All buildings and most of the vehicles were built by the team. After many hours of work, the plant could be officially inaugurated on 03.10.2012. In April 2014, the green light to use the other part of the Hansa Hall for further construction. Since then, construction has been underway on the Grönebach - Steinhelle line. The exhibition includes many documents and material witnesses of the small railroad.

Opening hours of the museum can be found on the website of the Heimat & Geschichtsverein Medebach:

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Text source: Homepage Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Medebach

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Sunday 10:30 12:30
Wednesday 14:30 16:30
Thursday 10:30 12:30


Familien (2 Erw. mit Kindern): 5.00
Erwachsene: 2.00
Kinder / Jugendliche (6-16 Jahre): 1.00
Schüler / Studenten / Menschen mit Behinderung: 1.00
Kinder bis 6 J. und Schülergruppen mit Lehrperson: 0.00

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