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The "new" Motte - A historical landmark in the upper Hönnetal valley

The wooden tower hill castle in the district of Küntrop is visible from a distance at a height of 22 meters. Of course, you also have a wonderful view from it. Even wedding ceremonies are possible on the tower hill castle.

Motte in Neuenrade-Küntrop

Motte in Neuenrade-Küntrop


Motte - tower hill castle


58809 Neuenrade

Telefon: 0170 4517902 oder 0171 8912759



In castle research, the term "motte" or "tower mound castle" is used to describe a type of structure consisting of an artificially raised mound of earth surrounded by a moat, on which a mostly wooden tower of varying height rises. The term "motte" comes from the French (château á motte), where "motte" means as much as "lump of earth" or also "earth sod". Motte were widespread throughout Central Europe; the majority of the complexes were built in the 11th to 12th centuries and were predominantly built by members of the lower nobility, but also by powerful feudal lords.

On the occasion of the exhibition "Knights, Castles and Intrigue - AufRuhr 1225 - The Middle Ages on the Rhine and Ruhr" of the LWL Museum of Archaeology in Herne (February 27 to November 28, 2010), an attempt was made to reconstruct an ideal-typical motte, the undated motte of Wegberg - Ophoven (Heinsberg district) serving as its model. This replica was set up in the outdoor area of the LWL Museum and was much admired by the numerous visitors because of its impressive dimensions (approx. 22 m high and 6 m wide).

During a visit of some historically engaged citizens of Neuenrade in spring 2010, it was learned that the stately tower hill fort should be dismantled again after the end of the exhibition and then - as a gift - be passed on to a new owner. After intensive discussions between the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe and the town of Neuenrade, it was agreed to rebuild the motte in Neuenrade, where a suitable site in the district of Küntrop could be found. Ideally, the site of the historic Gevern Castle, a listed motte of the Counts of Arnsberg whose tower was reduced to rubble in 1355 by Count Engelbert III of the Mark, is only a few hundred meters away from this location.

After its reconstruction, the festive inauguration of the "new" motte took place on 19.10.2013. The financing of the object was ensured by donations. A foundation set up especially for this purpose will continue to care for the moth in the future.

The motte is open from Easter to October inclusive every 1st Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00.

As part of a Leader project, the tower hill castle "Motte" has become the starting point of a history trail through the former Grafschaft Arnsberg in 2018 and has thus received a further upgrade. An outdoor artwork based on a design by the Altean artist Karsten Wolfewicz has been created. A collection of knightly demonstration objects has been acquired, especially to the delight of the young visitors. Furthermore, the motte is included in the Neuenrade overall concept for cultural education as a "cultural point". For this purpose, small cultural events such as poetry readings or midnight legend readings are offered several times a year.

The entrance fee is 2,00 € p. P. over sword measure. For children the entrance is free.

For all questions around the Motte - also for the arrangement of special guidance are gladly available:

  • Dr. Rolf-Dieter Kohl 02392 / 61991
  • Ludger Stracke 02394 / 536
  • Klaus Peter Sasse 0170 / 4517902

Marriages are also possible on the Motte. You can find more information at


2,00 € pro Person über Schwertmaß:

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