Monastery and town hall square Attendorn

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The Klosterplatz / Rathausplatz area with the adjacent pedestrian zone was redesigned into a holistic square. The area was supplemented with a generous water feature.

Kloster- und Rathausplatz Attendorn

Kloster- und Rathausplatz Attendorn Infotafel

Kloster- und Rathausplatz Infotafel

Kloster- und Rathausplatz Attendorn

Wasserspiel auf dem Kloster- und Rathausplatz


Monastery and town hall square Attendorn

Kölner Straße 12

57439 Attendorn

Telefon: 02722 - 640



The town hall square was freed from motorized traffic altogether and thus space was created for the multifunctional staging of the history (monastery church ground plan, among other things as a walkable / playable sculpture) as well as the optical interlocking with the pedestrian zone.

The transformation of the town hall forecourt into an area reserved for pedestrians means an extension of the
current pedestrian zone towards the west, incorporating one of the main attractions of the city center, the
town hall with the adjacent Klosterplatz.


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