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Marsberg, the beautiful town in the valley of the Diemel, is located in the eastern part of the Hochsauerland.

Marsberg can look back on a long and significant history beyond our borders. In 1975, the administrative reform resulted in the unification of the previously independent towns of Niedermarsberg and Obermarsberg. Niedermarsberg now became the core town and administrative seat of the new town of Marsberg. This includes the 16 districts of Beringhausen, Borntosten, Bredelar, Canstein, Erlinghausen, Essentho, Giershagen, Heddinghausen, Helminghausen , Leitmar, Meerhof, Obermarsberg, Oesdorf, Padberg, Udorf and Westheim .

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34431 Marsberg

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A look into the past shows the extraordinarily significant history of the city, so a writer from the Sauerland called Marsberg the "most venerable city of our homeland in age and history. "The great history of the city, can be admired in Obermarsberg. The old Saxon border fortress was conquered by the Franks under Charlemagne in June 772. Today, the Stiftskirche, the Nikolaikirche, the Schandpfahl and remains of the city wall testify to the extraordinary importance of Marsberg in the course of its more than 1200-year history. A historical circular route shows the special features of the Obermarsberg district.

Green heights, rocks and cliffs and charming river valleys characterize the varied landscape, which invites you to go hiking.

The charming scenic location of the town between the nature parks "Diemelsee" with Diemelsteig and "Eggegebirge" with Herrmannshöhenweg and Sauerland-Waldroute leads many visitors to Marsberg.

Outstanding vacation area is the region Diemelsee at the border to Hessen.
Here, vacationers, water sports enthusiasts, canoeists, hikers, nature lovers and anglers find a Dorado away from the usual vacation centers.

Marsberg's wealth was shaped by glass and copper. Glass has been produced and blown for centuries.

The Besucherbergwerk Kilianstollen gives young and old a fascinating insight into the 1000 year old tradition of copper mining in the Marsberg area.

The "Nature Experience Forest" in Marsberg-Meerhof is a project that introduces children, young people and adults to nature in a playful and experiential way. Over 20 stations on the trail invite visitors to experience the "forest ecosystem".

Marsberg is an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts who want to pursue their hobby without a hectic pace: Biking on the Diemel bike path, hiking around the town, inline skating, tennis on indoor and outdoor courts, golf for everyone on a public "pay and play" 6-hole golf course and for the experienced golfer on a 9-hole par 72 golf course, which will be expanded to 18 holes in the summer of 2011, as well as miniature golf on the first tournament-ready felt golf course in NRW.

Marsberg also has a lot to offer for guests interested in art, including a sculpture mile.

Schützenfest, carnival, brewery festival, Christmas market, All Saints' market or hiking week - there are numerous (traditional) events that have become an integral part of the townscape. The Highland Games or the Metal Diver Festival also attract numerous visitors to the city every year. Special and almost unique are also the Meilerwoche in Giershagen and the Historical Market in Obermarsberg. Concerts, theater performances and much more complement the diverse cultural offerings.

Marsberg is a member of the Westphalian Hanseatic League, which was revived in 1983. Originally, this was founded in the middle of the 12th century to provide mutual protection as a representation of the interests of merchants from Westfalen abroad. Soon the Hanseatic League developed into a powerful trade alliance, which enabled its members to open up new markets in Northern and Eastern Europe on a privileged basis. In the heyday of the Hanseatic League, more than 160 cities were united. Some Westphalian cities remained in the Hanseatic League until its final demise in 1669.

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