Observation tower

High up and look far

The 35m high Lörmecketurm offers a breathtaking panoramic view from the Hochsauerland over the Haarstrang and the Westphalian Bay to the Teutoburg Forest. The unique structure made of local Douglas fir stands attracts attention all over Europe!




Arnsberger Wald, Plackweg

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 2902 81-268

Fax: +49 2902 816-268




The Lörmecketurm on the premium hiking trail Sauerland-Waldroute in Warstein offers a uniquely beautiful view for every hiking enthusiast.

In order to get an impression of the area where the Sauerland-Waldroute runs, the "Lörmecketurm" was erected on the highest point of the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park at 581 meters above sea level.

The site is located between Warstein and Eversberg directly on the Plackweg, about three kilometers east of the designated parking lot in front of the historic mountain pass Stimmstamm (541 meters) and guarantees a magnificent panoramic view into the Hochsauerland and over the Haarstrang and the Westphalian Bay to the Teutoburg Forest. The tower has a height of 35 meters and its static elements consist of crossed logs, which were obtained from Douglas fir stands. Inside, a steel spiral staircase leads up to the viewing platform via two intermediate landings. On each platform, one has the opportunity to enjoy a 360-degree view.

There are various hiking opportunities around the Lörmecketurm:

Hiking trail 1

Bilsteintal - Paradies - Hubertusquelle - Lörmecketurm - Lörmecketurm parking lot - Sedansteich pond

length: 16,5 km

highest point: 580 m lowest point: 351 m

max. gradient: 8,9% steepest gradient: 14,4%

total uphill: 321 m total downhill: 322 m

Hiking trail 2

Parking lot Lörmecketurm - Kapellenplatz - Lörmecketurm

length: 6,3 km

highest point: 580 m lowest point: 488 m

max. gradient: 8,1% steepest gradient: 8,3%

total uphill: 111 m total downhill: 113 m

hiking trail 3

Montgolfiade area - Brewery Visitor Center - Lörmecketurm - Paradise - Glory

length: 13,5 km

highest point: 580 m lowest point: 344 m

max. gradient: 14,3% steepest gradient: 14,4%

total gradient: 311 m total gradient: 323 m

The flyer "Views and vistas - Hiking around the Lörmecketurm" can also be requested for sending by Post from:

City marketing Warstein e.V.

Dieplohstr. 1

59581 Warstein

Telephone 02902 810 and/or 81268


You can stop for refreshments in the towns of Warstein or Hirschberg.


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