When I see the lake, I don't need the sea anymore!

The lakes shine in the sun like blue gems in the landscape of the Ebbegebirge. The region of the nature experience area with the towns of Attendorn, Olpe, Meinerzhagen, Wenden and Drolshagen stretches along the Biggesee and Listersee lakes and is located in the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge Nature Park. Discover the possibilities!

Der Listersee

Die Listersperrmauer

Sonnenuntergang am Listersee

Steg am Listersee

Steg an der Kalberschnacke, Listersee



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Cycling experience
The region also offers you a perfect infrastructure for cycling. In addition to the typical swinging landscape of the Sauerland with hills, forests and valleys, lonely roads and challenging trails offer optimal conditions. The Bigge-Lister bike ring is divided into a challenging high-altitude route and an idyllic lake route. Whether you want to take a leisurely bike ride with your family or plan a tour on a mountain bike - this is the right place for you. From Wenden there is a direct connection to the Bigge-Lister bike ring in Olpe. Do you already know the mountain bike park in Attendorn or the pump track in Meinerzhagen? If you prefer to 'experience' the tours with an e-bike, you will find more information about rental stations and charging stations.

Hiking experience
Hikers have the opportunity to explore the landscape around the Listersee on the Bigge-Lister trail, partly on flat routes directly along the lake, partly on challenging high-altitude routes. You may encounter galloping hay bales on the KulTour in Drolshagen, a circular art and landscape trail along Lake Listersee, or you may discover the region on idyllic hiking trails. Olpe, Attendorn, Meinerzhagen and Wenden also have numerous and varied hiking trails to discover. The Waldweg Grenzenlos in Olpe offers a barrier-free circular trail. Things get interesting in the hedge labyrinth in Drolshagen, but don't worry - you won't get lost.

Viewing experience
The hiking trails in the nature experience area Biggesee-Listersee offer fantastic views; for example on the Sauerland Höhenflug or on the spectacular Aussichtsplattform Biggeblick in the Waldenburger Bucht near Attendorn. There is another Aussichtsturm in Wenden-Heid.

Water experience
For sailors, divers, surfers, anglers or for swimming there are numerous offers around the lake. There are many dreamy bathing spots in the nature experience area Biggesee-Listersee.

Accommodation experience
In this beautiful region, numerous accommodation options are available. From first-class hotels to cozy guesthouses, beautiful vacation apartments or camping - there is something for every taste and budget.

Event experience
If you want to experience something, you can always experience something special at the numerous and varied events in the nature experience area Biggesee-Listersee! Whether shooting festivals, the big Wenden fair or the carnival - all festivals that are celebrated with a lot of fun and love for the homeland!

Further interesting destinations in the nature experience area Biggesee-Listersee:
Atta-Cave in Attendorn
Bieketurm in Attendorn
Burg Schnellenberg in Attendorn
Fire brigade museum in Attendorn
Sauerland cathedral in Attendorn
Südsauerlandmuseum in Attendorn
Alter Hützemert railroad station in Drolshagen
Heimathaus in Drolshagen
Old monastery in Drolshagen
Eichener Mühle in Drolshagen
Historical market place in Drolshagen
Hedge-Labyrinth in Drolshagen
Radtunnel Wegeringhausen in Drolshagen (from Nov. to April closed)
St. Clemens Parish Church in Drolshagen
Jesus Christ Church in Meinerzhagen
Chapel St. Maria Magdalena in Grotewiese
Fischbauchbrücke in Meinerzhagen
Gut Listringhausen in Meinerzhagen (can only be visited from the outside)
Karl vom Ebbe, the sculpture of a typical Sauerland man in Meinerzhagen
Knochenmühle in Mühlhofe
Volmequelle in Meinerzhagen
Wasserschloss Badinghagen in Meinerzhagen (can only be visited from the outside)
Alte Stadtbefestigung in Olpe
Geschichtsbrunnen in Olpe
Hexenturm in Olpe
Marktplatz mit dem Panneklöpperdenkmal in Olpe
Valentinskapelle am Olper Obersee
St. Martinus parish church in Olpe
Lake promenade in Olpe-Sondern
Cultural monument Wendener Hütte in Wenden
Biggequelle in Wenden-Römershagen
St. Severinus church in Wenden
Pilgrimage chapel Dörnschlade in Wenden
Aussichtsturm in Wenden-Heid

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