Natural monument

In an optimal scenic location above Stupperhof, a hedge labyrinth was created in 2007, which records six thousand years of history.

Labyrinth 1

Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth im Bau

Labyrinth früher



nahe der Ortschaft Stupperhof

57489 Drolshagen

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In its routing, the labyrinth never presents choices. One must follow the path to the center after numerous detours that force one to walk the entire interior. The labyrinth is not a maze. The path is without branches. Labyrinths are symbols of the center. They always circle the center, come close to it and lead back to the outermost edge again, so that the wanderer loses the overview and no longer knows where he is on his way.

In the labyrinth one does not get lost.
In the labyrinth one finds oneself.
In the labyrinth one does not meet the Minotaur.
In the labyrinth one meets oneself.

The Drolshagen labyrinth can be found when coming from Olpe (B54/55) and leaving the traffic circle at the second exit in the direction of Benolpe. From Benolperstraße turn off in the direction of Stupperhof. (signposted from there)

Stupperhof is the home of an external residential group of the Josefshaus Olpe and runs a barn restaurant there. After the labyrinth walk, you can enjoy coffee and cake there on weekends.

Text: Drolshagen Marketing e. V. and Prof. Dr. Hubertus Halbfas

(Fig. 3: Photo from the construction phase)

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