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The 42 km long Kneipp path is unparalleled far and wide.

KneippWanderWeg Olsberg

KneippWanderWeg Olsberg

KneippWanderWeg Olsberg


KneippWanderWeg Olsberg

Ruhrstraße 32

59939 Olsberg

Telefon: 02962-97370

Fax: 02962-973737



It is the start of a new hiking concept. Hiking and treading water, is at the core of the new hiking idea. Here the hiking experience and Kneipp philosophy are combined in a refreshing way.
Pure relaxation! The highlight are the six natural water treading places. The feeling of walking barefoot through the crystal-clear Bergbach streams in the Storchengang is simply fantastic.

Good for your feet is the motto! Benches at the treading points make it easier to lace up and tie your shoes and invite you to meditate by the flowing stream. Treading points:

  • At the Gierskopp
  • At the Papendiek
  • At the Vossbach
  • At the Ruhr
  • At the Luisenquelle
  • At the Elpe river

The Kneipp path is well and clearly marked with the K along its entire length. The starting point is the covered treading pool in the Dr. Grüne spa park. The trail makes an impressive loop around Olsberg and its beautiful villages. The profile of the trail (330 to 730 a.s.l.) leads you through the forests, meadows and fields around Olsberg and offers you again and again great views, sights, water treading places and refreshment stops.

Nine bus stops are strategically placed along the entire route. The SauerlandCard allows you to get there or back by bus free of charge.

(Texts: Tourism Brilon Olsberg)

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