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The sculptor Waldemar Wien from Kierspe created the bronze figure of the "Kiepenlisettken" for the town hall square, which is supposed to remind of the time when people "in the countryside" were happy to get needles, buttons, thread, etc. brought into the house by the itinerant trade.

Die Statute der Kiepenlisettken

Die Statue steht im Ortszentrum auf den Rathauspla

Die Bronzestatue in Schalksmühle

Historisches Bildmaterial



Rathausplatz 1

58579 Schalksmühle

Telefon: 023555/84-0



Lisettken, with civil name Lisette Cramer, née Buschhaus, born on 26. 01. 1845 in Kierspe, died on 01. 05. 1907 in Halver, moved as a merchant woman with her Kiepe - filled to the brim with goods for daily use - from farm to farm and from place to place.

In her younger years, Kiepenlisettken had also traveled beyond the local area as far as Mainz, Frankfurt and Einbeck, delivering parcels and letters to the Schalksmühlers and Halverans in military service there. She was known everywhere and was very popular because of her honesty and friendly nature.

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