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"Schlüsen" - a dialectal name for hollow ways - are the witnesses of old trade routes. They were unfortified and received their shape through constant use. Drolshagen has always been an important part of a supra-regional network of trade routes, such as the Iron Road. That is why you can find a lot of hollow ways in the Drolshagener Land, which were used especially in the Middle Ages. At that time they were the lifelines of the region. Thanks to numerous information boards, the nature trail is easy to explore on your own. Guided tours can also be booked.






Junkernhöh gorge nature trail

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A particularly impressive example of hollow ways is the Schlüsenbündel Junkernhöh/Germinghausen, a registered archaeological monument. These are excellently preserved hollow ways whose age cannot be precisely determined. The hollow way bundles are remnants of the old iron road, a connection from Frankfurt via Drolshagen to Hagen. Several hollow ways start in the east below the federal highway 45, then run parallel to it and end in western direction in front of a farm road.

Schlüsen bundles and buildings also belong to a very old traffic route, still from the time of the foundation of the Cistercian monastery in Drolshagen (1235), which led regionally via Hespecke, Scheda, Junkernhöh, Rosenthal, in the direction of Olpe. The Drolshagen Cistercian monastery owned its own hammer mills early on and at times engaged in steel trading. One of the hammer mills and monastic property were the basis for the foundation of the Wenden Ironworks by Johannes Ermert in 1728.

VIA EST VITA: "The road is life," said the ancient Romans, and this is still true today. You will learn how life went on and with the old roads, and what happened when the flow of traffic changed with new roads. Walking through the gorges will give you a feeling for old times and the hard everyday life of the people. This is how Drolshagen history comes alive. The round walk is about 1 km long

Detailed information about the Schlüsen can be found at: http://www.drolshagen-marketing.de/de/projekte/der-schluesenlehrpfad .

The Schlüsen nature trail in Drolshagen is also an attraction of WasserEisenLand - Industrial Culture Südwestfalen

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