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Smartbank - I-Bench in Belecke

Aufstellung I-Bench in Belecke


I-Bench Smartbank


59581 Warstein

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Smart bench - I-Bench installed in Belecke

Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft Lippstadt eG and Stadtmarketing Warstein e.V. put up smart bench for young people at Wilkeplatz

The Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft Lippstadt eG (BWG) is setting up a smart bench on Wilkeplatz in Belecke as part of a sponsorship. The aim of BWG's commitment is to create a suitable attractive public space for young people in cooperation with the city marketing department.

The new Ibench not only offers an excellent place to sit, but the smart bench can do much more. At the Ibench, smartphones can be charged contactlessly using solar energy, music can be played via a Bluetooth connection using the built-in sound system, or the hotspot function can be used to surf the Internet free of charge. In the evening, the bench lights up in different colors, thanks to LED ambient lighting.

"Things are moving forward in the town of Warstein, with construction or new projects being launched everywhere. We, as a regionally connected housing cooperative, would also like to contribute to making the town of Warstein even more attractive and livable. With the Ibench, we would like to offer young people in particular a new favorite place," explained board spokesman Alexander Loyal and also referred directly to another BWG project, in 2022 another Ibench is to be set up on the market square in Warstein.

"We are pleased about the intelligent bench and the attractive location for our young people. But it would be nice if the Ibench and Wilkeplatz could serve as a meeting place for all generations," said local chief Heiner Maas, who takes a seat directly on the stainless steel Ibench to charge his smartphone.

The Ibench has been financed through a sponsorship agreement between BWG and Stadtmarketing Warstein e.V.. BWG will cover all running costs for the first three years for the Ibench. After that, the Ibench will be transferred to Stadtmarketing Warstein e.V., which will then take over maintenance.

BU: Smartbank - Ibench set up in Belecke, fL Alexander Loyal, Jeroen Tepas, Heiner Maas.

Photo: Hanna Löseke

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