Hof Haulle

Historical site

Until the 20th century, there were many such homesteads in the center of Bad Sassendorf.

Hof Haulle Bad Sassendorf

Hof Haulle Bad Sassendorf

Hof Haulle Bad Sassendorf


Hof Haulle

An der Rosenau 2

59505 Bad Sassendorf

Telefon: 02921-9433420




Situated between the Kolk and the Rosenau, the Haullen farm has been there for over 600 years. Homesteads like this one were not uncommon in Sassendorf, but of the numerous farms only the Haullen-Hof has been preserved. This one has also been professionally restored so that it can still be used today.

The Haullen-Hof was known to the people of Sassendorf in the 15th-17th centuries under the name "Großer Mariengarten zu Sassendorf", which has been handed down through written sources in the course of warlike effects during the Soest Feud, the Thirty Years' War and the Seven Years' War. It is like a miracle that the "Mariengarten" defied the war attacks and strokes of fate and lived through the centuries in good condition.

The former "Mariengarten", today's Haullen farm, became the residence of the vom Dahll family, who belonged to the Erbsälzern. In the course of time, the property was leased to other families, who also used the farm economically. In the middle of the 19th century the bondage was abolished and the then tenants of the farm could buy the land themselves and become owners. In the 20th century, the Kühle-Haulle family applied for the official name "Haulle", which has been kept until today.

Since 2012, the old farm has housed the "Kulturscheune", and since 2015, the farm building has served as an exhibition hall for the "Westfälische Salzwelten" adventure museum. In addition, the administrative office of the Tagungs- und Kongresszentrum GmbH is located on the farm. For more information call 02921-9433420!

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