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The traditional mill is as old as the village and the first mill on the Ruhr!



Historic water mill Schleimer

Mühlenstraße 5

59955 Winterberg

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It was mentioned for the first time in the 16th century as "the first mill on the Ruhr".
In the Turkish tax list of 1565, a "Möller" was listed who had to pay half a gold guilder.
The Turkish tax served as an imperial tax, among other things, to finance the wars against the Turks advancing into Europe.
In the documents in the Graugreben archives at Bruchhausen, the Niedersfeld mill appears in 1584 and a "Möller" also appears in the land tax lists of 1664.
In a record of tradesmen in the community from 1821, Heinrich Cramer was named as a miller.
After his death and the death of his wife, the mill together with its lands fell as an inheritance to the chapel community of Niedersfeld.
Until it was sold, the mill was initially operated by several tenants.
1882 Josef Richard from Hanxleden acquired it with yard space and garden, for the price of 10,050 gold gulden.
In 1900 Heinrich Hankeln sen. married the only daughter of Josef Richard.
1935 their son Heinrich Hankeln jun. took over the mill and handed it over to Adolf Schleimer in 1973.
Since 1992, the mill has been managed in the fifth generation by the miller and wholesale merchant Werner Schleimer and his wife Rita.

The mill is driven by water power. For this purpose, a ditch of approx. 1.5 km length was constructed, 50% of which is fed by the river Ruhr and 50% by the river Hille.1934 a turbine was installed, which replaced the water wheel.This turbine still drives the 1.5-ton rye back-pouring machine.In addition, a generator is put into operation to generate electricity by water power.
Every Monday at 3:00 p.m. there is a guided tour of the mil


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