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Historic farms Dümpel

Hagener Straße 51

58769 Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde

Telefon: 02352 3561



Dümpel farms in Nachrodt

The two listed farm ensembles are idyllically situated above the Lenne valley on the sunny side with a view of the village of Nachrodt. The farms belonged to the 37 estates of the so-called "Kelleramt", which had to provide for Burg Altena. In 1748 the first documentary mention took place, the two barns as the oldest buildings were built in 1770 and 1773 respectively.

The individual farms each consist of a small half-timbered cottage, an open coach house and a gabled barn in half-timbering or whitewashed quarry stone with a large gable gate entrance. In the upper courtyard, the bee house has also been preserved, in which a beekeeper still keeps his bee colonies today. The neighboring orchard meadow has been complemented with extensive new plantings of local fruit tree species and separated from the extensive cattle pastures.

A curious fact is that the two farm ensembles used to be separated by the district border of the districts of Iserlohn and Altena. Even today, the upper farm is located on Iserlohn city territory, while the lower one belongs to the municipality of Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde. This is even still recognizable by the wall made of layered field stones, which is carefully straightened again and again.

In former times such a farm with the adjoining agricultural areas supplied a complete family. The arable land yielded crops, and cattle were kept in the paddocks. In 1912, the von Löbbecke family from Haus Nachrodt bought both farms and after the Second World War managed them themselves for a time. Currently, the land is completely leased and is used as pasture for young horses and suckler cow husbandry. The houses are inhabited, the barns house horses and chickens.

Klara's cottage

Halfway to the Dümpel farms, on the "Dümplerleie" below the Lenne rock "Klara's Höhe", there is an old half-timbered forest house with a quarry stone base. Under the name "Klara's Häuschen" the restored house in a romantic location is rented out as a vacation home.

Several hiking trails lead past Dümpel into the forests of the Lenne valley, including the circular hiking trail over Klara's Höhe with a view of the Dümpel farms and into the magnificent nature of the Lenne valley, which was also called "Westphalian Switzerland" in the past due to its beauty.

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