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For the new conception of the Needle Museum, the museum in Barendorf will remain closed until 2025.
The site will remain freely accessible, and events will also be held during this time.

Living industrial culture, modern art and nature meet at the Historic Factory Site Maste-Barendorf.
Where brass was cast in the 19th century, today an artists' and museum village extends with numerous cultural events in the change of the seasons, a participatory garden, gastronomy and an ambience booth office.






Historic factory plant Maste-Barendorf

Baarstraße 220 - 226

58636 Iserlohn

Telefon: 02371/217-1961




In the course of the 1820s, the brothers-in-law Johannes Dunker and Franz Maste had a brass rolling mill built. Casting houses and other production facilities for brassware were built around the rolling mill in the following years. The founders of the factory used the water of the Baarbach to drive three water wheels for the operation. The products manufactured in Barendorf, including household items such as irons, coffee grinders, pocket knives, and various tools, were sold internationally in the 19th century. In the 20th century, Barendorf was home to a metal washing plant and a metal goods factory. In 1980, the city of Iserlohn bought the site and since then has taken care of the preservation and revitalization of the listed ensemble.

The Needle Museum, which is located in the factory village, is currently undergoing a complete overhaul and is expected to reopen in 2025. Popular cultural events such as the DrahtSaitenAkt and the Christmas Barendorf will take place as usual while the museum is closed. The grounds and sculpture garden will be freely accessible at all times. The industrial-cultural playground makes it possible to experience the production of the eye pin in a playful way.

Due to its unique orientation, the old factory village is considered one of the most important industrial-cultural monuments in Südwestfalen and enjoys supraregional fame with its diverse cultural offerings. The Historic Factory Site Maste-Barendorf is part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH) and the network WasserEisenLand - Industrial Heritage in Südwestfalen.

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