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The Hirschberger Tor is a replica of the original hunting gate of the former hunting lodge in Hirschberg.

Hirschberger Tor


Hirschberger Tor


59581 Warstein




The original gate can be seen in Arnsberg and was built in 1753.

Address: Wedinghausen Monastery, Klosterstraße 1-11, 59821 Arnsberg.

On their own initiative, the people of Hirschberg have reconstructed the hunting gate in approx. 70% of the original size for the 700th anniversary. The necessary iron gates were made free of charge in a very artistic way by a former Hirschberger and also the construction itself was done in about 3 months of voluntary work and with other material donations very cheaply.

This replica now stands in the Schlossstraße, in the yard entrance Budde/Assmann-Arens. With a deviation of a few meters, it should also be there in the period from 1753 to 1826 as the entrance to the hunting lodge of Hirschberg, which was demolished between 1802 and 1810.

The hunting gate shows scenes of a par force hunt: on the left wing of the gate is a red deer posed by hounds, rearing up and trying to shake off the pack, on the right a boar in its death throes, fending off the hounds. The emblem on the left wing shows the initials C A for Clemens August. On the right wing is his coat of arms.


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