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The hiking trails A2, A5, A6, A7 and A8 in the Kierspe town area can be hiked from the Herlinghausen-Vollme parking lot. You can also take a walk around the Jubachtalsperre from here.

Wanderübersichtstafeln Wanderparkplatz Vollme

Wanderparkplatz Herlinghausen / Vollme Bank

Wegweiser Wanderparkplatz Vollme Herlinghausen

Wanderparkplatz Herlinghausen / Vollme Volme

Wanderparkplatz Herlinghausen / Vollme Parkplatzsc


Hiking parking lot Herlinghausen-Vollme

Springerweg 21

58566 Kierspe

Telefon: 02359/661-0

Fax: 02359/661-199




The hiking parking lot Herlinghausen-Vollme is conveniently located on the B54 between Halver-Oberbrügge and Kierspe. The free parking lot has a connection to the hiking area Jubach, from which you can hike to the Homert (Lüdenscheid), as well as to the Kiersper hiking area around the beautiful Hemecketal.

The themed circular hiking trail VolmeSchatz Talsperren - The South Sea of the Region, which offers a great hiking experience with exciting information boards and a starting board, also starts at the hiking parking lot.

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