Hesborn quarry

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The former municipal quarry of Hesborn.



Hesborn quarry

Am Steinbruch

59969 Hallenberg

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The former municipal quarry in Hesborn was established more than 100 years ago, primarily to extract quarry stone for house construction. The banky, tough and weather-resistant limestone found here was ideally suited for this purpose. Even today, there are still many older houses in Hesborn and the neighboring communities whose foundations were built from this limestone. Some of the stones were also used for graveling forest paths and roads. After quarrying activities ceased in 1960, the quarry was left open and has since been used as a recreational area and village square for various events.
The Hesborn Friends' Association erected a large shelter there in spring 2014.
The quarry contains pebbly limestone belonging to the "Kulm-Kieselkalke" geological formation from the Lower Carboniferous period (around 320 million years ago). The name "Kieselkalk" comes from the high SiO2 content (silicic acid) of the limestones. The silicic acid (SiO2, also known as quartz in another form) gives the rock its particular hardness. Between the limestone beds there are often thin layers of clay, usually grey to yellowish-brown in color and very mild. These are tuffs and tuffites (volcanic ashes) that were deposited between the limestones.
The Hesborn quarry is one of 14 stops on the Geo-Experience Route around Hallenberg and Medebach.

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