Hachtor- famous building from Rüthen green sandstone.part of the former fortification.


Hachtor am Abend beleuchtet

Hachtor um 1790 Stadtmodell im Rathaus

HIstorische Kutsche beim Hansetag

Hachtor Rüthen



Hochstr. 14

59602 Rüthen

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The Hachtor, built in the 14th century, was part of the city fortifications of Rüthen and is the only one of the former four city gates that is still preserved. It is a very well preserved building made of Rüthen green sandstone on a square ground plan. The gateway has a pointed arch. On the side of the interior there is a round-arched niche.

Rüthen is situated on a ridge and the terrain is mostly flat to the north, so this area was particularly worthy of protection. For centuries, the gate also served as a prison for offenders coming from outside thetown. The main gate and the non-existent front gate were connected by a drawbridgethrough the still partially visible moat. The northern side of the large gate tower was probably securedby a portcullis.

From the Hachtor, the historic city wall runs around the entire Altstadt, which is about 3 km long and can also be walked on, offering interesting views of the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park.

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