Guided tour: Kitchen and pharmacy along the way

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On the way on the Schlüsen nature trail in Drolshagen under the theme: Kitchen and pharmacy on the wayside.
When the carters used to travel along the trade routes, for days and weeks on the way, then they went on paths that were characterized by worries and needs for the salvation of the soul and especially for the everyday supply and protection of their own lives. Not only ghosts, goblins and real highwaymen could make their lives difficult, but also the need for shelter, health and daily food supply was an existential threat.




Guided tour: Kitchen and pharmacy along the way

Am Frohnen Wenden

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What could the carters take with them on their journey? What could be preserved and easily prepared? Which herbs and plants were used for nutrition and health maintenance? How was a fire made and how were meals of bread and groats prepared? The excursion wants to give an answer to all these questions in practical examples and show the everyday life of the people in their cultural context.

After the excursion there will be the possibility to process and taste the found plants together with other food of that time (e.g. flat bread and confit): Contribution to expenses 5€, registration requested.

The event was organized in cooperation with Drolshagen Marketing e.V. and the Eisenstraße Südwestfalen. More information to way companion guidance in the region finds you as Webpaper under

Stefan Huppertz,
Tel. 02761 6604230,
Mobil: 0151 51947211
bookable from 8 persons *

*after the guided tour, if you like, a small donation is requested.


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