Güllener Ring

Natural monument

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Luftbild Güllener Ring

Aufgang zum Ringwall


Güllener Ring

Am Nordhang des Dümbergs

59846 Sundern



The rampart Güllener Ring is located about 800 m south of Linnepe on the northern slope of the Dümberg at an altitude of 440-460 m. The roundish main castle had a diameter of about 55-60 m. This part is enclosed by a strong rampart and an outer ditch. In the north there is a smaller outer castle, which is also secured by a rampart and a ditch. The only access to the main castle was from the north-west through a gate in the cheek, through which the castle ruins can still be entered today.

Remains of the Wallen and the ditches have been preserved. The numerous stones lying in the terrain probably originate from a decayed wall in the Wallen. The wall height of the inner rampart is still 2 to 3½ m today, the ditch is between 5 and 6 m deep.

A smaller section rampart with outer ditch is still located about 100 m to the south.

The complex has been a listed monument since 1978. The Güllener Ring is one of the Carolingian-Ottoman castles.

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