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The 73-meter-long, newly built Gradierwerk is the showpiece of the Bad Sassendorf spa park. It invites you to take a healthy breath, but also to discover and is characterized by its unique architecture. The walkways lead over three levels and are also accessible barrier-free: An elevator takes you up to the viewing platform on the second floor, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the spa gardens.

Erlebnis-Gradierwerk Bad Sassendorf


Gradierwerk Bad Sassendorf

Im Kurpark

59505 Bad Sassendorf



Take some time out, breathe deeply, feel the beneficial effects of the minerals in the brine and relax at the Gradierwerk Bad Sassendorf!

For many centuries, salt production and trade shaped life in and around Bad Sassendorf. The first documented mention of salt production dates back to the 12th century. From the 19th century on, the brine was used for bathing and healing purposes.

Thorn grading in salt production existed in Bad Sassendorf since 1800. A beam construction as a supporting element forms the basic framework of a Gradierwerk. Blackthorn bundles are incorporated into this framework. With the help of pumps the brine is distributed on the thorn walls of the Gradierwerk. As the brine trickles down, the blackthorn causes a considerable increase in surface area. This favors the evaporation of the water. Heat, dry wind and sunlight intensify this effect. What remained was a highly graded brine, from which salt could be boiled more quickly in the next step in the boiling pans, thus saving fuel.

Soon, however, the salt workers recognized another effect: When the water evaporates, small particles of salt are released into the air. This is referred to as "grading loss. In the immediate vicinity of the Gradierwerk, this enriched air creates ideal conditions for medical use as open-air inhalation, which has a positive effect on the respiratory tract similar to sea air. Especially asthmatics and pollen allergy sufferers are recommended to walk through or around the Gradierwerk.

We invite you to take a seat on one of the benches, breathe in the healthy air and feel its beneficial effects. Right next to the Gradierwerk is the Börde Therme Bad Sassendorf. Here, too, the brine is used with its beneficial effect. In addition to the freely accessible, public part of the Gradierwerk, there is also a part that belongs to the neighboring Börde Therme - and therefore provides an unusual feature: a sauna and a relaxation room in the Gradierwerk. From the sun terrace, sauna guests have a unique view over the bathing and sauna area and into the spa park.

Free admission. The Gradierwerk is open to the public.

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